What the hell is an “accidental priest?”

Well, I am.

I’ve been many things in my life. Computer consultant. Homeless. Baker. Drug dealer. Fat. Therapist. Cajun diaspora. Hippie. Punk rocker. Musician. Science fiction writer. Actor.

About a year ago, my friend and mentor Christian River Sim (www.temenos.org) said that he believed I was called to the priesthood, and ordained me. I am now a priest in the Society of Franciscan Workers, which is part of the Old Catholic church.

I don’t have a church, or a congregation, or a ministry. Yet. I believe I’m called to work with people who have committed sex offenses, providing them spiritual guidance as well as mental health treatment.

That’s my day job, sex offender treatment. I am a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, and an expressive arts therapist (which means I use all the arts — music, drama, dance, poetry, drawing, sand tray, etc) in the therapeutic process.

I’m working on my PhD in Expressive Arts Therapy at the European Graduate School. For my dissertation, I’m writing a rock opera about sex offender and those who treat them.

In short, I’m a freak. Always have been, always will.

I’m on a journey, trying to integrate all the disparate fragments that make up my self — or maybe to outgrow them all, to grow into God. I think Jesus meant exactly what he said when he said we are to be brothers and sisters in Christ, and the children of God. We’re all called to redeem each other, to heal each other.

To love each other.

So easy to say. So difficult to live.

I invite you to accompany me on this journey. I’ve experienced alot of life — ALOT of life — and I’ve managed to make some sense of some of it. I’ll share what I’ve figured out, and what I guess at, and what I can feel but can’t describe.

I hope you’ll do the same with me. It’s less lonely that way.

What the hell is an “accidental priest?”

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